The Shield Pro 2008 - Antivirus & Firewall

The Shield Pro 2008 - Antivirus & Firewall 2009

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SALE PRICE: ONLY $29. 99You Save $10 Off Retail PriceThe Shield Pro 2008 contains Anti-Virus, Network Security, Folder Production, E-mail Protector, Anti-Spyware and other functions, which are developed by Hauri's advanced vaccine technology and network security technology, to make clean internet environment.

It blocks absolutely various kinds of malicious code and virus's attack. Moreover, because it has various additional functions considered user's convenience, it improves the effective PC environment and supports the best total security functions.

Includes PCSecurityShield Free Technical Support. - Virus and Spyware Protection - Built In Firewall - One Year of Virus Updates - Vista Compatible - Free Technical Support Support safe PC environment by Strong virus blocking - The Shield Pro engine, which is developed by Hauri¡¦s unique vaccine know-how, blocks virus perfectly and supports safe PC environment Detection and Repair of Malicious Spyware & Adware - To protect user's PC from virus problem caused by internet, The Shield Pro collects and analyzes the patterns of Spyware, Adware and other malicious programs and then update the module so that user can detect and repair viruses by himself to keep clean internet using environmentTotal Management of various security functions - The total management of Scan and repair of Virus, Spyware and Adware, Network Protect, Folder Protect, E-mail Protect and other various security functions is possible and because the report and log of each security functions are supported, user can do security management for own system Eliminate vulnerability by Analyzing Security Vulnerabilities - Because The Shield Pro 2008 has the function of vulnerability analysis, user can check OS security patch information, so it helps user prevents the vulnerable account and shared folder.

In the past, personal PC user can solve PC security problem by OS security patch or vaccine program, but now and future¡¦s user can¡¦t protect their PC from new kinds of malicious programs by these ways.

Because various kinds of virus, worm, spam mail, spyware and hacking tools are enormously developed and become not detectable and repairable, even personal user needs total security function as like government or enterprise system.

The Shield Pro 2008 is the new total security product that is developed to protect personal user from virus, worm, malicious program, spam mail, spyware and etc, which spread rapidly by internet and E-mail and make big damage.

Because each security function (Anti-Virus, Network Security, Folder Protection, E-mail Protector, Anti-Spyware and etc) is installed in this one product, it is the best total security product for personal PC that management and using is very convenient.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS"I had an installation question. I called, a live person actually answered, and The Shield virus protection -was running 2 minutes later" - Margo, Stamford, CTThank you for your quick and prompt response!

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The Shield Pro 2008 - Antivirus & Firewall


The Shield Pro 2008 - Antivirus & Firewall 2009

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